Lyn Fava


Lyn has an extraordinary passion for reflexology and sharing knowledge in a fun light-hearted manner.

Before experiencing the amazing benefits of Reflexology for herself, Lyn Fava spent 20 years in the nursing profession. Nursing had always seemed like a perfect environment for her, as Lyn has a gentle and caring nature, which her patients loved.

But Lyn often questioned in her mind why illness occurs, and why some people heal, while others don't. When, quite by "accident", she stumbled upon reflexology and learnt that the feet reflect the physical and emotional state of the body, she was determined to learn more. Here was a non-invasive therapy that she soon discovered was really making a difference in people's lives.

She has been practicing reflexology since graduating from the ASRR in 1997. Since then, Lyn has provided Reflexology care to clients in her own clinic, in other multi modality clinics practices, nursing homes, schools, gymnasiums and to leaders and staff in a broad range of corporations. Lyn is the founder and Managing Director of Perfect Harmony Group. This company incorporates Perfect Harmony Natural Therapies, which is an agency that provides reflexology and other modalities to clients from government departments, businesses and large corporations. She has gathered around her a team of highly qualified and committed professionals who provide a wide array of complementary therapies nationally.

Lyn has relentlessly pursued knowledge of reflexology methods, and not only has gained a formidable array of postgraduate qualifications and knowledge of a variety of modalities, but is recognised by her peers as a high quality trainer. Since 2000 she has taught Reflexology at the Australian School of Reflexology and Relaxation, and at Victoria University.

In 2007 Lyn was offered the opportunity to take on the role of Principal at the ASRR .She had a vision of offering the diploma in reflexology and assisting gifted therapists to acquire skills so as to fulfil their goals of creating a business in the natural therapies area, that reflect the current trends in the industry, The ASRR is now part of the Perfect Harmony Group.

In 2012 Lyn was fortunate enough to spend 6 days intensive training with Dwight Byers in Florida USA. There, believing that she knew the Ingham method of Reflexology, had an eye-opening experience as she learned advanced techniques which took her practice to a new level. The wealth of information shard by Dwight, and the finetuning of techniques inspired her to continue the passion for teaching The Original Method of Reflexology.

The importance of preserving the simplicity of this technique was brought home, and a realisation that this method will assist the future growth of reflexology in the areas of The Australian Health care system giving us a uniformity world wide .

Lyn maintains an overriding determination to help empower people to live their dreams, and has gathered around her a team of highly qualified and committed professionals who provide a wide array of knowledge and skills, which helps make her dream a reality.