Bowen / Spinal Techniques 2
Professional Development Bodyworkers

Presenters: Tito Pignetti & Robert Preece

Neural Skeletal Techniques

    If you thought level 1 in Melbourne July 2013 was blast,
    level 2 will blow your mind!

    We'll begin level 2 with a brief revision of level 1 and then get straight into assessment of the skeletal structure. Cross fibre techniques of level 1 create successful treatment results however the specific assessment techniques we investigate and train in level 2 will help you as a practitioner become more diligent in identifying musculo-skeletal imbalances.
    This inturn will refine your treatment protocols and allow you to be more specific with which muscles are causing what imbalances in your clients' skeletal structure. Once identified, you can get direct to the problem area and use your cross fibre techniques as required.

    We'll then have Saturday to practice these techniques and help you become proficient!

    Level 1 is not a pre-requisite however we strongly suggest you complete it next time to achieve the best results possible. Bowen, Massage, Alternative and Natural Therapists who would like to refine or add to their skill set are also welcome.
    We look forward to another amazing day in May 2014!

    Tito Pignetti and Robert Preece

      Dates: Friday 2nd May & Saturday 3rd May 2014

      Time: Fri 5:30pm - 9:30pm& Sat 10am - 4pm

      Venue: ASRR Head Office Werribee Campus,
      at The Villa ASRR,
      9 Synnot Street, Werribee

      Cost: $300

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Fri 5:30pm - 9:30pm& Sat 10am - 4pm
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