Community Day
Helping Others, Help Themselves!

Thank you for supporting our community

Thank you to everyone who made our community day a success! First and foremost I would like to thank you for your support and valuable contribution to our community day to help others help themselves. Our Community day, blessed with perfect weather, showcased local businesses and local community groups. We raised awareness of local community groups, what they do and how you can become involved. We also provided the opportunity to sample the benefits of natural therapies. Loretta Georgiou, co-organizer, has a passion for helping youth at risk in the Philippines. She is keen to raise awareness of the illegal sex trade, and support Destiny Rescue in helping these Children. Loretta began her journey supporting Destiny Rescue, but has grown her focus to help locally as well. I, along with the Rotary Club of Werribee, have a passion for helping local homeless and youth at risk to try to break the poverty cycle in our own community. I believe there is a need for projects that boost social inclusion. This was the reasoning behind the community garden (which uses the bio fuel system) and in fact the community day. I quite often hear from people who want to help out those in need but don't know how to get involved. And so we decided to work together, along with the support of many other fantastic community minded people to create this day. All in all 60 people offered help & support in the form of donations, venue preparation, lending equipment, man power, cooking sausages, making tea, working on the community garden, promotions, administration, stall holders or providing treatments. The day resulted in: Approximately 150 attendees:  Sponsorship for one child rescued from the sex trade in the Philippines. - This takes the form of medical, physical & psychological support as well as education and vocational support until the child is independent.  $ 1,881.35 profit was raised to be shared between Open Family Australia/White Lion (housing project) and Destiny Rescue. Money raised brings us two thirds closer to rescuing another child from sex slavery, and provides 3 months rent for a family in crisis.  2 trestle tables full of food donated to share a meal program for Werribee. This equates to approximately 10 food parcels.  Volunteers signed up to assist with Nosh van (feeding street kids)  22 + mobile phones collected to help save endangered Gorillas.  Most of all we raised awareness of how people can get involved in the community to make a difference and help others help themselves. Community groups involved: Destiny Rescue Open Family Australia/White Lion Werribee Support & Housing Maori Wardens Rotary Club of Werribee Wyndham Leaders Businesses: Australian School of Reflexology & Relaxation - trainers, past and present students Vibrational sound meditation, Reiki, Shamanic drumming Perfect Harmony Love that Group Shambhala Welbeing Centre Springfields Its Time for Me GMHBA Biofuel cells Whitehourse Truck & Bus Carter cottages B & B Cartridge world Boxes to Go Joe's Bar & Kitchen Werribee Margaret's Handcrafts Promotional assistance: Nuvo - graphic design Bright spire - web design Hocking Stewart - bill board Codie White - Photographer I have had many people express their interest in participating in this event next year. Thank you, this year was just a taste of what is possible. My sincere gratitude goes out to you for helping others help themselves. Lyn Fava
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Sunday 5th October, 2014
11am - 4pm
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