Foot, Leg & Hip Joint Mobilisation Level 2
Foot, Leg & Hip Joint Mobilisation Level 2 - 2 Day workshop. Presenter - Tito Pignetti

Foot, Leg & Hip Joint Mobilisation Techniques for 'Alternative Practitoners' gives you a valuable treatment option for clients that you would normally refer to a Physiotherapist or Chiropractor. Level 2 specifically deals with the dynamic issues of the knee and hip and how they relate to the foot, including techniques and assessment protocols to deal with this.

Tito Pignetti returns with NEW techniques where you will learn:

  • Revision of Level 1 (Foot Mobilisation of Lower Extremities)
  • Assessment Techniques for Fibula, Tibia and Femur
  • The 'hands on' techniques specifically for Fibula, Tibia, Femur
  • How to use these techniques to improve the effectiveness of your current work.
  • The indications, contra-indications and precautions of the techniques
  • The specific exercises & stretches that enhance your techniques

  • This course will add valuable treatment skills to reflexologists, massage therapists, body workers and naturopaths

  • Date :- Wednesday July 20th & Thursday 21st July 2011
  • Time: - 9am-5pm
  • Location - Academy of Hypnotic Science , 44 Station Rd Cheltenham Vic 3192
  • Cost - $380

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