PGMAT08 - Maternity Reflexology Parts 1 & 2 & infertility
Post Graduate Course

The Maternity Reflexology Course is a post-graduate course for reflexologists and is designed to provide participants with a basic understanding of women's fertility, pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal care. It enables participants to use the principles and practices of reflexology to support these life experiences.

The course is conducted over 2 x 2 day workshops (30 hours) and is a mixture of theory, discussion and practical work. Participants can choose to attend workshops or work to the Certificate of Competency.

The first workshop covers the basics of the female pelvis, the time from pre-conception until the end of pregnancy, and is a pre-requisite for workshop 2.

The second workshop covers the Incoming soul and pregnant feet, birthing and the postnatal period including newborn baby care.

Details of the infertility day workshop:

Morning Session: Infertility

One in six Australian couples of reproductive age, experience difficulty conceiving a child. Causes of infertility are many and varied and involve male, female or a combination of factors. There are different treatments for infertility, some are more effective than others and some more appropriate in given situations. This session will include why couples have trouble conceiving (including polycystic ovary syndrome), general pre-pregnancy tips, and medical fertility treatments.

Afternoon Session: Pregnancy Loss

It is a surprise for many women to discover how common miscarriage actually is - one in five pregnancies ends in miscarriage. A miscarriage of pregnancy can shatter dreams. While individual reactions to pregnancy loss can vary, most women find the experience deeply distressing. There is also a lack of understanding by many on how deeply distressed the partners are.

The afternoon session will include post-miscarriage recovery in a holistic approach: nutrition, self-care and reflexology. Reflexology has been shown an excellent therapy for stress relief, and decrease anxiety. Reflexology helps to rebalance the endocrine and the lymphatic systems. If there is a risk of feotal loss due to other causes, such as habitual miscarriage, when the client has reflexology her being is more balanced, so there is a good possibility that she will be able to maintain her pregnancy. Reflexology can't cause miscarriage, as miscarriage is a reaction of the body NOT a response to reflexology.

Overall, it is always good to have reflexology treatments during a pregnancy and especially after a miscarriage to balance out the endocrine glands and hormones. Practical session with the Maternity Reflexology Endocrine Balance will be included in the workshop.

Maternity Reflexology 2 Dates for Caulfield South venue:

    Day 1 - Saturday 26, 2010

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