Metamorphic Technique - Melbourne
with Dominique Malee Meeroff
Developed from Reflexology, the Metamorphic Technique is a unique approach to working with the whole being, allowing their own Life Force to grow them from within.

We lightly stroke points on the feet, hands and head, which correspond to our time in the womb. This is a formative time where all the patterns that will shape and challenge us later on first begin.

In this work we do not seek to fix or heal, but simply allow the client to grow and transform in whatever way is right for them.

MT is often used with couples having problems conceiving, during pregnancy, by parents with children with challenges, couples who are stuck, individuals who want more out life, and even during the last phase of life.

Easy to learn and relaxing to receive, there is no need to discuss issues or problems. The transformational power of your own life force can move you out of stuck-ness and into blossoming.

If you are ready to transform your life and learn a technique to support others, join Dominique Mallee Meeroff for an inspirational and life changing weekend.

Come and learn about:
-How to transform rather than heal or fix
-How our time in the womb sets up the blueprint for our life
-How mothers stresses anchor our patterns
-How to give a session
-Who can receive
-The ups & downs of transformation
-The evolutionary phases in the womb
-The evolution of humanity at this time
-Birth patterns & how they shape how we take action
-How to read the feet
-How to work at a distance
-How to become a practitioner
-Give & receive a full session each day

Visit Dominique's website: Melbourne Metamorphic Technique Workshop for blogs, articles, videos and more testimonials

**Free Introductory Seminar**

Date: Wednesday 4th November
Time: 7 - 9pm
Venue: Shambhala Wellbeing Centre, 1/14 Salmon St Port Melbourne
Cost: FREE
We are delighted to host Dominique in Melbourne and Sydney. Book you place in the FREE introductory session early! Places are sure to run out quickly. To book your place, call (03) 9749 7946 or email [email protected]

Melbourne Workshop
Dates: Saturday 7th - Sunday 8th November, 2015
**Venue Change**
Venue: Shambhala Wellbeing Centre: 1/14 Salmon St Port Melbourne
Time: 10:30am - 5pm
Cost: Full Price: $449
*EARLY BIRD SPECIAL* $399 if booked and paid for 21 days prior to workshop
Repeat / Concession: $299

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Course Information
Saturday 7th November, 2015
10:30am - 5pm
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