18th-25th October - Rejuvenating African Soul Retreat
Join Chris Stormer in South Africa!
If it's time for YOU to have...
a little more "me" time...
space to just be...
an opportunity to really listen to what your soul is telling you...
a better understanding of your innermost needs...
the where-with-all to be totally present in your own life...
then please do join us!

Experience the magnificent heartbeat of Africa! An exclusive, once in a lifetime soul-enriching retreat. Hurry! limited spaces!

To nurture and guide you we have:
Angela Sellens Drake
From the UK, Angela is introducing Facial Reflexology therapy, as devised by Lone Sorensen, to South Africa for the first time! This powerful system of healing incorporates acupuncture theory, as well as some traditional South American Indian Practices, together with the stimulation of neurological points, to assist health functioning of the whole body. Angela will be sharing some lovely self-help techniques during the retreat.

Chris Stormer-Fryer
A recognised authority on Reflexology and natural healing worldwide, Chris has been a keynote and guest speaker at International Congresses, as well as presenting seminars throughout the UK, America, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, China, Japan and the Far East, for over 24 years. Now, Chris combines this Universal Knowledge and Experience with Permaculture, her latest passion.

Courtney Ward
A gifted artist, actor and musician, Courtney uses the power of vibrational healing in her Sound Journey. We will play the African drums beneath the stars together, and in the early mornings Courtney will be sharing her unique approach to yoga. Join her on an optional magical journey to swim with the mysterious wild dolphins off Southern Mozambique.

Kate Ballenden
Being so passionate about expressive arts, Kate uses Process Art as a tool to transform, heal and engage in everyday life. Through Land Art, using natural objects that each individual guest gathers on the Estate, she facilitates and weaves a creative and insightful journey for the rediscovery of the phenomenal artist that dwells within each and every soul.

Before the retreat
Divine African spa pampering
2 nights in histoic Melville, Johannesberg

During the retreat
Introduction to Permaculture and sustainable living
Yoga and meditation
Discover the intrigues of your face through Facial Reflexology
SorensistemTM with Angela Sellens Drake from the UK
Sacred Sound Journey
Mindful art through Landscaping
Fix your body by sorting out your home!
Fresh vegetarian food from our gardens
Star gazing and drumming around camp fires
Visit to white lions
Eco-aware and conscious walks
Interaction with African School Children
Plenty of 'me' time!
...and so much more!

Magical Dolphin Safari (optional extra - $2200)
Monday 12 October - Saturday 17 October 2015
Swim with dolphins in the natural environment in Southern Mozambique. A rare and wonderful experience, sharing close encounters with Bottle Nosed Dolphins in their waters in Southern Mozambique!
Walk along sandy beaches; savour delicious cuisine; join the spirit of the ocal school children; explore the nearby village and learn about their wonderful culture. At the end of a soul filling day, luxuriate in a beautiful tent with the sound of waves lapping nearby!
Can you hear the heartbeat of Africa calling your soul to explore its beauty and breath taking wilderness?

To find out more: http://alwaysb.com/rejuvenating-african-soul-retreat/
For costs and bookings please email Chris: [email protected]
Course Information
Monday 12th October, 2015
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