Sacred Reflexology
Presenter: Lyn Fava

Sacred Reflexology Master Class

Ancient art for the new world

Have you found that there is a change in the reason..perhaps unknown reason...for some of your clients to search out reflexology ?

Have you noticed a shift and change in the way your clients are responding to reflexology, changes in the way your techniques are evolving ....looking to expand on this...?

Perhaps it is time to explore the next step .....SACRED REFLEXOLOGY.

The Sacred Reflexology practitioner is able to enter the sacred space of the human being. By stimulating the physical body through the working of the traditional reflexology reflex points and the subtle bodies of the client's aura through working the seven main chakras that situated on the spine line of the feet and hands. The traditional reflexology reflexes and the subtle bodies of the human being are intrinsically interconnected. When intentionally working both the reflexes and the chakras, simultaneous clearing of inherited, lifelong and current resistances occurs, enabling health and wellbeing.

This workshop includes:

  • Insights into the Sacred art of Reflexology.
  • Review of the reflex points on the feet.
  • Discover a deeper, slower more sensitive method to your practice.
  • Improve your practice through renewed passion and wonderment for the art of Reflexology .

      Limited places to 6 delegates

      Date: Friday 14th May 2018

      Time: 10am - 4:30pm

      Venue: 18 Church St Werribee,

      Cost: $165

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    Tuesday 29th May, 2018
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