The Language of the Feet - the Next Step
Workshop Presenter: Chris Stormer- Fryer

The Language of the Feet-

The Next Step

Chris Stormer- Fryer, affectionately known as the Universal Foot Lady, enthusiastically shares amazing insight into what is really going on beneath the surface through 'the Language of the Feet,- The next Step' workshop. She does this in such a meaningful, yet light- hearted, way that, in 24 Years that she has been sharing this information worldwide, 2015 is bound to be even better still!

As a recognised World Authority & author of 7 books on Natural Health and Healing,Chris, uses this acclaim, along with her wealth of medical and Universal knowledge, and extensive experiences worldwide, to bring greater understanding to what is really 'a- foot'!

Her vibrant, effervescent spirit inspires many as she encourages individuals to recognise their Divine uniqueness and become their authentic selves for a more rewarding and satisfying way of life.

Chris Stormer- Fryer's presentations are notoriously up-beat, yet exhilarating experiences that frequently create much needed life changing shifts in a safe, relaxed and friendly environment.


Come and experience the magic of one of Chris' presentations!

It's a real treat!

    Dates: Wednesday 25th & Thursday 26th February 2015l

    Time: 10am - 4:30pm

    Venue: Port Melbourne Campus
    Shambhala Healing Centre
    Suite 1/14 Salmon Street Port Melbourne, VIC 3207

    Cost: $380

    Expessions of interest welcome
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Wednesday 25th February, 2015
10am- 4:30pm
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